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Launching 1st time in India, Prelox®, a safe well-tolerated & efficacious treatment for mild to moderate cases of declining erectile quality and improving sexual wellness.

What is Prelox?

Prelox® is a patented complex formulation consisting of Pycnogenol® and L-Arginine aspartate, clinically proven to recapture the sexual wellness and pleasure that time diminishes. Prelox helps to naturally restore healthy erectile quality in men manifesting with moderate erectile problems and help revitalize your sexual performance.

Why choose Prelox ?

Prelox® is clinically proven to increase man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection. Prelox® can help revitalize one’s sexual wellness, put an end to performance anxiety, restore one’s confidence, and attain the kind of pleasure and satisfaction one would think is no longer possible.


Instant results

It’s ingredients get absorbed fast and start to act on the body immediately.


Improves fertiity

It is known to help in improving seminal parameters like volume and sperm motility.


Backed by research

Global clinical studies have certified Prelox to be effective in erectile dysfunction.

Prelox for Men

Boosts Energy

It helps rejuvenate the body to boost vitality and vigour and gives you the energy you need


Safe and Natural

It’s ingredients are naturally occurring and are 100% safe.


Improves Stamina

It helps in sustaining physical efforts for a longer period by improving muscle health.

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Drug free boost to improve your sexual health

Millions of men suffer chronic problems with their sexual wellness, including a decline of erectile quality, looking for a revolutionary formula that is proven to improve erectile quality. Watch Dr. Steven Lamm explain how Prelox® serves men in an all-natural way to gain a fulfilling, healthy sex life.


Recommended by the best doctors

Both national and international doctors share their view on Prelox

The nature of Prelox® is different. It is a daily dietary supplement that boosts overall sexual wellness and acts at an earlier step in the process leading to an erection. This allows men to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, including natural arousal and stronger erectile quality.

Dr. Steven Lamm

Decreasing erection quality is a common age-related problem affecting the lives of men. Prelox helps men with moderate erectile problems to regain healthy erectile function, greater confidence to receive and sustain erections with more frequent morning erections.

Dr. John Doe

Prelox® is a popular supplement among middle-aged and older men. The active compounds in Pycnogenol contribute to maintaining good blood circulation. One of the things that depend greatly on an adequate supply of blood is the ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Dr. Matthew Dias

Treatment with Prelox seems to offer a safe and very effective alternative to existing medications. Continuous treatment of moderate erectile dysfunction for 1 month with Prelox normalized erectile function in men with a mean age of 37 years.

Smita Vyas

Fertility concerns

It is observed that male infertility factor is the primary reason for inability to conceive specially between the age group of 29 to 35 in India.

Lifestyle is a key determinant for wellness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and regular exercise can determine wellness for the majority of men.


Enhance your love life today

Intensify your sexual performance with Prelox® and a healthy lifestyle, a safe and natural way to enhance sexual pleasure and performance.

Prelox for Men